Friday, September 2, 2011

#30daysofGOOD Challenge 2: Converse with a Service Employee.

In Tweet format:

Talked to the unbelievably upbeat LA Metro maintenance dude abt the blood he was cleaning. Put my "work" in perspective! #30daysofGOOD"


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gojira neko said...

its actually quite difficult to converse with someone on twitter in over 140 characters, unless of course you know them outside of twitter. thankfully you at least had a link to your blog so i could say hi.

i had a conversation with my daughter today, but i think of that as cheating since i would have talked to her anyway... thus defeating the purpose of todays challenge... not that i wouldnt have tried to talk to you as well either, but i figure this coounts more

my names jef by the way... hi. you can call me gojira though.. i dont mind... heck, its my online name... so it shoudlnt really offend me.

i love postcards too. whenever i go on roadtrips i buy them at whatever roadside trap i hit for a quarter or whatever... fill them out therer and mail them to a firend so they get a souvenier with a postmark where i visited... that way im not hoarding lots of junk from my adventures nor spending too much on the souveniers either.... win win

im totally spelling souvenier wrong... i know

im an artist, not an english major

anyway... im rambling on. was a huge fan of the luna park art... i love vintage art like that... and coney island, never been.. but ive wanted to go... whats not to love... nathans.. the cyclone...

so wat do you do? whats your name or shoudl i jsut call you thunder?

~jef ^_^