Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The contents of my purse.

1. Set of car and house keys with the “Jamaica – No Problem” keychain I bought in Ocho Rios c. 1992

2. Dior coin purse, full of good luck charms

3. Stack of blank postcards from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

4. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalogue (www.rareseeds.com) which is my current train reading material.

5. Microsoft Zune – I’m such a nonconformist, right?

6. Pens: one black Sharpie, two red Flairs, one blue Flair, one blue ball point, one black gel finetip

7. Vintage Carrera sunglasses, purchased at The Standard hotel

8. Moleskin daily planner, definitely the most valuable thing of the batch (on a personal/emotional level)

9. Moleskin NYC guidebook (even though I’ve been home from vacation for almost a week)

10. Blank notebook, I guess I should get another Moleskin, huh?

11. Digital voice recorder that I’ve never actually used and I think the batteries are dead, but I still carry it

12. Envelope containing ticket stubs, handwritten notes, stickers, and other ephemera from January 2011

13. Blank checks, because you never know.

14. Coin purse used to corral tampons (which used to roam free)

15. Best wallet ever, purchased at Target and a direct knockoff of some fancy one, but in a cooler print and one-tenth the price

16. Ulta shea butter pen/wand thing, great for your cuticles. Okay, great for my cuticles. My mangled, chewed up cuticles, poor things.

17. SPF50 sunscreen stick that I use on the backs of my hands. It’s like deoderant but made of sunscreen and I think it was made for babies but I end up scratching myself whenever I use it which is probably why it was 75% off at RiteAid.

18. Eyedrops. No comment.

19. Blank “thank you” cards, because you just never know.

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