Friday, September 5, 2008

tell 'em, dad

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My Two Cents,

I’m glad to see others are equally offended by this flavor of email. For some reason, I have found myself on numerous pro-republican email lists, and I know the GOP talking heads would call me a part of the “Angry Left”. I guess I am because I’m sure not happy about the mean spirited lies and deceptive practices of so many of these emails. That’s why I use Fact a truly independent (Annenberg Foundation) site to check on the truthfulness of these emails, talking heads, and TV ads. With Fact Check and Snopes, I get closer to the truth about what both sides are saying --- and not saying.

Still I often wonder why I’m not on any pro-democratic, deceptive email lists and can only speculate that with the last, 8 years of GOP Leadership, the facts spoke for themselves – there was no need to lie. All anyone had to do was ignore the deceptive spin and half-truths spread by the “Happy Right”.